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· Tribune The April 2014 From On 103 Florida 13 Tampa Tampa SpwRqxCpz

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Tampa From 2014 On 13 · Florida The Tampa Tribune April 103

When I talk about identification issues, I often go to my wallet and show the “fake” ID that I carry with me. Several people have asked me over time Png Hashtag Bg Archives Iphone Screen Blank FHqa7a.

I use this card whenever I get “bogus” ID requests – requests at hotels, office buildings, and such where they have no business seeing my ID and they don’t get anything from doing so.

The card has only been refused twice – once at the Sears Tower in Chicago, and once when I tried to use it at airport security. (Regulations there specify government-issued ID. I went through secondary search because I told them I didn’t have one.) Everywhere else, they are just checking to see that you are carrying a card. I haven’t tried to use the card for proof of age – most jursidictions require government-issued ID for this purpose.

The card I use has accurate information on it (except for my weight . . .), but it reflects my own assertions about myself, rather than any government’s or other card issuer’s. It’s very exciting to use this card the first few times. You really feel like you’re getting away with something. In fact, you’re just proving to yourself that “identity checks” are empty ritual.

More people should do this, so why don’t you join in the fun?

YouFinishIt.com is where I got mine. They have a nice array of cards that appear quite fancy and official looking. I got the “Standard Identification” card.

To my knowledge, none of their cards are knock-offs of any other issuers’ cards, and I don’t recommend using cards like this for any fraudulent purpose. I don’t think presenting an ID with inaccurate identifiers is fraudulent when the recipient does not rely on that information. It’s like tipping your hat to someone whom you don’t really mean to wish well. So, go for it!

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