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NEWARK, NJ — Port Authority police arrested a man who allegedly flew into Newark Airport in possession of several fake credit cards and a fraudulent driver's license on Thursday. According to authorities, Orlando police seized luggage belonging to the Florida resident that contained more than 500 additional fake credit and gift cards.

At 8:30 a.m. on February 22, Port Authority police at Newark Airport received information from the Orlando Police Department Airport Division that Robert Smith-Merced, 46, of Kissimmee Florida, was scheduled to arrive at Newark Airport on a Delta flight about 90 minutes later.

Port Authority police said that their Orlando counterparts furnished them with information about bogus credit cards that were allegedly in Smith-Merced's possession. A PAPD officer then met Smith-Merced at his gate, finding him in possession of two fraudulent Capital One Visa cards, a fraudulent Chase Visa card, and a Connecticut driver's license, all of which were "in names other than his own."

Prior to Smith-Merced's arrival in Newark, Orlando authorities allegedly discovered more than 500 fraudulent credit and gift cards in his baggage, which had been checked at the airport in Orlando but which, unknown to Smith-Merced, was being been held in Orlando by authorities.

Police charged Smith-Merced with False Government Documents and Credit Card Theft. He will also face federal charges for knowingly possessing counterfeit devices as per the US Secret Service, the Port Authority stated.

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