One man’s desire to fly to Texas did not go according to plan Wednesday as Sanford Airport Police say he presented a fake driver’s license and then twice tried to run from authorities.

  • Man trying to fly 1-way to Texas gave fake driver’s license, police say
  • Cops say Christopher Campbell ran from Sanford Airport Police twice
  • 2nd time he tried to escape, he was handcuffed

Christopher Campbell went to a checkpoint at Orlando Sanford International Airport to board Allegiant Flight 750 to fly one-way to McAllen, Texas. But according to a police arrest report, the 30-year-old man presented a fake driver’s license from the U.S. Virgin Islands bearing the name of Marlon Bryant.

The checkpoint supervisor thought the driver’s license was suspicious and called a police officer to verify the license, which was determined to be fake because it had the wrong hologram identifiers, police said.

At this point, police said that Campbell ran away, but officers were able to catch him after he ran about 200 yards.

While at a patrol car as police were trying to record his fingerprints, a handcuffed Campbell tried to escape again. But officers were able to capture him after he ran two steps, authorities said.

Police say that Campbell refused to give them his real name, saying that his name was on the driver’s license. But a fingerprint search revealed his identity, along with several warrants under his name, police said.

Campbell was charged with resisting arrest without violence, fraud impersonation and attempted escape from law enforcement custody.